Exhibition「VOICE - nero 10th anniversary」
6.17(FRI) - 6.30(THU) at ISETAN THE SPACE


 Nero is the name of the protagonist, the innocent and honest boy in the tale ‘Dog of Flanders.’It is also the name of the notorious Emperor from ancient Rome. Nero is a name that carries an image that is both good and evil, and that is what fascinated me about this name. It is said that Andy Warhol smeared his canvas entirely with black, only to cover the entire canvas with white on top of that, and finally started painting on top of those layers. Having black as a base = to sense that death coexists as a denominator of the act of living, and I feel a great sympathy to the idea and life that sensitively acknowledge this fact. Life and Death, Positive and Negative, Good and Evil, or even Art and PopWe felt that this single word that contains all these countering elements, ultimately describes us as humans, and decided to name our magazine Nero. Nero also happens to be a name of the dog of my close friend, a long coat Chihuahua. Chihuahuas are small and seem powerless, but contrary to their appearance, they are very fierce and aggressive, and have a big bark. Although their demeanor may look weak, they possess a spirit of defiance and a strong will, and we thought this was also fitting for boys/girls like us, who may have little or no power in society. We’d like to dedicate this issue, to those who cannot find the strength to live, to those who feel lost and confused, to those who are searching for light, to those who are simply bored, and to those who are tired from their daily lives. If we are able to shine a glance of hope to those people through music, art, literature, or fashion - We would like to present this magazine with that hope in mind.