井上由紀子(nero 編集長)
17th June 2022

nero vol.14「VOICE」は、伊勢丹新宿店2F「ISETAN THE SPACE」の店頭にて先行販売を行っています<期間:6/17(金)~6/30(木)>。
オンラインでは三越伊勢丹オンラインストアにて発売中、2022年7月よりUSAGI ONLINEでも取扱いを予定しています。

The COVID-19 pandemic that started in 2020 has forced us to change our lives and minds drastically, and our culture such as music, art, and fashion was left in a state where a future was not in sight. Coincidentally our magazine nero was about to celebrate our 10th year anniversary, but as a media that covers overseas culture, we were forced to close our shop indefinitely. All I can feel was the distance between our daily lives and the culture that we felt so close to us until the pandemic started. Without a word to speak,As the time spent alone felt like eternity And as I was overwhelmed with emptiness I did not want give up on expressing myself. Although I was left powerless, all I could do was to try to stay busy, and let my feelings know. I feverishly continued to write to people, to creators around the world that I felt I connected with. I stayed in motion and continued to do what I believed, what I can believe in.That was all I could do. The world felt so far, and the response that I got was few and far between. I knew everyone was desperate, worried about their future that was so hard to imagine. But the only thing I could do was to keep going and express how I felt. By building on these small things, I am genuinely happy that it lead to this collective issue and exhibition.

As the pandemic came to a close, a war started overseas and innocent lives are lost as we speak.As we live through these drastic times, I just wonder what kind of future will await us. Ukraine, Germany, England, Thailand, Korea, Russia, America, Sweden, Japan, Scotland, France, Canada, etc., I hope that this collection of real 【VOICE】 from my comrades all over the world will shine a light and love to everyone who held this issue in their hand.

Yukiko Inoue (nero chief editor)
17th June 2022