かなり難産だったneroの新刊 independent issueが漸く出来上がりました。 やってみたからこそわかるアジア人=マイノリティの立場や問題、それでもアートのために尽力を尽くして下さる本物で大物のクリエイターたちとの感動的な相互交歓の瞬間。数限りない思い出の詰まった感慨深い一冊です。

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With all our hard work we finally bring to you the newest edition of nero magazine, the Independent issue. As an Asian women I can proudly say that I can relate to the struggles of a minority finding my own voice, and I was also able to share each moment with the great creators that have supported our cause. In that sense this issue has been such a precious issue with countless memories for me personally. The artists that are featured on this issue are: -The designer/photographer that I respect the most, Hedi Slimane's Rock and Roll Diary is featured in our gallery section. -My favorite artist at the moment, Clairo, is shot exclusively by Jimmy Marble whose also famous with his illustrative children's book. -One of the artist that grace our cover is queer icon King Princess, who is shot by legend of fashion photography Ellen Von Unwerth. -Mark Ronson was shot in his brand new LA home by up and coming photographer Aaron Sinclair. Mark will be wearing a Celine suit designed by Hedi Slimane. -As our hidden secret, Russia's own feminist punk collective Pussy Riot has risked their own freedom to do a shoot with us. The photos were shot by Alexander Sofeev. -UK's popular producer/artist Mura Masa have been a fan of our magazine and he has invited us to his home for the shoot, shot by Lillie Eiger. -Canadian post punk band Crack Cloud who also worked the runway for Celine also did a shoot for us, wearing non other than Celine. They were interviewed by their number one fan, Henry from the band HMLTD, shot by Holly Whitaker. -The lone Japanese artist featured on our issue is Hiyadam, an oddball Hip Hop artist popular in the fashion world, interviewed by the Japanese activist Aki Okuda. Hiyadam is shot by rare talent Riku Ikeya who have shot artists like Akiko Yano and Cornelius as a budding teenage photographer. -As a visual artist for brands such as Givenchy and artists such as Octavian, Courtney MC has designed her own page for our issue, and a portrait was shot by Wei Rui. -Modern day Ray Charles, Yellow Days was shot exclusively by Isaac Marley Morgan in Peckham, England. -Up and coming Singer Song Writer from the US, Johnny Utah was shot in NY by Fryd Frydendahl. -Also featured are illustration by Wisut Ponnimit AKA Tam-kun, with his ever beloved cartoon illustrations. You can also reserve a copy at Amazon so we would really appreciate your click. Please note that you won't be able to choose the cover photo between Clairo or Mark Ronson when you purchase via amazon. If you would like to choose the cover please order through Usagi Online or email us at nero directly, and you will be able to choose the cover shot. Below are the links to the sites. This issue has been such a struggle to complete, and we are the only magazine where you can glimpse the beautiful photographs shot by the great Hedi Slimane so please check out our issue. Beautiful shots of artists like Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, Keith Richards, Amy WInehouse, John Lydon, Sky Ferreira are featured in our issue. Also please let us know your favorite cover shot of this issue.

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